There’s Nothing Better …

… than renting a house in Tahoe with some of your best friends for a long weekend.  For the last four winters, we’ve rented a house to ski/ride, watch football, and spend quality time with friends and our adorable dog.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is our “family” meals.  Here are some highlights.


Homemade gnocchi rolled out with love.  There were only a few flour covered casualties!







I don’t really like sweet potatoes, but these sweet potato gnocchi were delicious.  The texture was perfect and the cheese balanced the sweetness.  Yum!





The cheesy gnocchi was also very good – cheesy and pillowy.  There’s definitely nothing wrong with that!






Even the salads were particularly beautiful and delicious!






This apple crisp had tart blueberries in it and made it just the right amount of sweet.  A great way to end a meal.





Red velvet cupcakes are one of those things that seems way too hard to make, but my friends are amazing and so were these cupcakes.


Mmmmm.  I love my friends 🙂


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