Biggest DIY Project EVER!

In March 2010, we had a flood in our house where the upstairs toilet ran for 6 or 7 hours and clean (bright side) water flooded our upstairs bathroom, closet, bedroom, and downstairs guestroom and bathroom.  This was the first time we’ve ever had to make a claim on our house insurance, so everything was completely new to us.

Damage Assessment

Guestroom (above) and Bedroom (below)

Our options were 1. use a State Farm contractor to restore our home to its original state or 2. take the State Farm money and get our own contractor.  Since I had a less than stellar experience with a contractor in the past (he ended up losing his license!), I wanted to do due diligence and hire my own contractor.  Also, the upstairs bedroom had grungy carpet, so we wanted to replace it with hardwood, which I thought we could do ourselves to save money.  My partner reluctantly agreed to help me and even thought I might have created the flood on purpose because I was so overjoyed at the prospect of a State Farm funded DIY project!

After fighting/negotiating with State Farm for about four months, we finally got started on rebuilding.  The major tasks were:

1. Replace walls and ceilings!  (We paid someone to do this, though in retrospect, we probably could have done it ourselves.)

2. Replace toilet culprit (Our new Toto UltraMax toilet is a dream.)

3.  Remove and retile downstairs bathroom (Definitely my favorite project so far!)

4. Install hardwood floors in upstairs bedroom (WAY easier than you’d think)

5. Install hardwood on stairs (WAY more complicated than you’d think)

6. Replace ruined hardwood floors in downstairs bedroom (A mystery we have yet to tackle because matching 100 year old floors is a b****)

7. Other – paint walls, ceilings, replace base moulding and doorframes, etc (very time consuming and seemingly endless)

While all of our projects have empowered me, made me feel very accomplished, and we have had only a few small missteps so far (my partner may disagree with me on this one), I am ready to be done and we are far from done.  We have, however, made a lot of progress and met some truly wonderful people in the process.  Stay tuned for more detailed descriptions of our projects that may inspire you to take on a DIY renovation.  (I recommend doing these one at a time if you have that choice!)


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