DIY Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom was the first room we tackled after our flooding disaster and although we were off to a good start with the tile and got it done quickly, it probably took four months from start to finish because work and holidays got in the way 😛

1. Put up waterproofing paper and hardiebacker board.

2. The REALLY fun part – tiling the walls.  Turns out tiling is SO fun.  You get to see immediate progress right before your very eyes!

3. TILED!!!  Notice the soap dish and corner shelf.  Fancy, huh?  We lost the first soap dish to improper adhesive, but we got it on the second try and it just makes that one even more special, right?

4. Removing all the existing floor tile and old hardiebacker.  My partner is an AMAZING person who demolished all of this because I was too weak to do it 😛  I can not tell you how wonderful, amazing, and supportive of my DIY projects he is even though he hates doing them.

5. Hardiebacker installed on the floor.  One step closer to tile!

6. Tiled floor!!!

7. Smoothing out the walls.  This was the BIGGEST pain in the behind and again, I have to credit my partner.  It seems like he ends up with all the not so fun parts of the project doesn’t he?  😉

8. Replacing the vanity led to some minor plumbing headaches, but we worked it out.  Putting the towel bar back up also led to some frustrations, as did putting up a mirror frame, but it’s all good because ladies and gentlemen, the bathroom is done.  Did you hear me?  DONE!!!

Should I tackle the upstairs bathroom now?  Ha ha ha.  I think I just heard my partner faint.


2 Responses to DIY Guest Bathroom

  1. Seth says:

    I love the bathroom. It looks like a NYC bathroom, which is a great look. Well done.

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