It’s Spring/DIY Vegetable Box!

Well, it’s not technically spring, but it’s been in the 70s and sunny the last couple of days in the Bay and our vegetable garden is responding.  Our radishes, kale, and broccoli are making a valiant effort to get to eating size.  I hope it stays warm or our veggies might get confused!
We built our raised vegetable box in the summer of 2009 when I was studying for the bar exam.  I guess I needed a distraction!  It was surprisingly easy and relatively inexpensive (about $200 for materials and dirt).  The only two things that didn’t end up as we planned were that we put wheels on the bottom, but it is so heavy that we can’t actually wheel the box around and that we were going to put mesh over the top to keep bugs/animals out, but it turned out to be unnecessary.  Here are some pictures of the building, “inspection”, and growing.

I can’t think of a better way for you to enjoy this amazing weather than to get out there and build your own vegetable box!


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