Homemade Pasta and Feminism

I’m reading Big Girls Don’t Cry, which is about the role of feminism and sexism in the 2008 presidential election.  That is an oversimplification, but the author reminded me of the incident when Clinton somewhat disparagingly said she didn’t have time to stay at home and bake cookies.  I think there’s been an interesting evolution of feminism in recent generations where women feel like they don’t necessarily have to choose between careers and traditional “homemaking” tasks in part because my generation of 30-somethings hasn’t felt as much of the overt sexism that our moms and grandmoms did, so we feel more comfortable navigating this “have your cake and eat it too” space.  On that note, I made homemade pasta and chocolate covered strawberries tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time doing it

I don’t understand how anyone uses a pasta rack.  I always run out of space and end up using our clothing drying rack!

Now I’m just waiting for my partner to finish making his homemade sauce, so he can make lasagna with the fresh pasta I made.  This is my kind of feminism 🙂

Update: Lasagna is done and delicious!


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