DIY Hardwood Flooring

We did it!  We’ve successfully installed hardwood floor in our master bedroom and closet and our guestroom.  Hurrah!

We don’t have any before pictures of the master bedroom other than the post-flood pictures, but here are some of the guestroom.

The subfloor in the guestroom was fir, which I think is technically a softwood, but is harder than plywood, which is what the subfloor in the master bedroom was made of.  That made the guestroom floor much more difficult to install than in the master bedroom even though the master was more than twice the size.

I had a good system going where I lined up the planks so we could reduce the waste when we got to the end of each row.  It also helped us make sure each row was random and there weren’t too many stepped patterns or Ts.  My partner left lining up the planks to me.  I’m much more detail oriented 😛

Here’s the finished floor!  It’s hard to capture the whole floor without the doorway getting in the way, but you get the idea.

The only project we have left now is the stairs, but we deserve a little break, don’t we?


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