Boffo: The Elusive Food Truck

Mission: Find Boffo, the elusive food truck, and eat there.

Maybe it is because I don’t really tweet or use facebook, but I can’t seem to find Boffo and the allure is increasing with each failed attempt to find it.

Failed Attempts:

1. Beehive Market whose founder once said “This is not just a summer romance.  We’re going forward, to make this an institution.”  Well, I discovered that this “institution” no longer exists after just a few months in existence during the summer of 2010.

2. Bites on Broadway that was shut down for operating without permits after less than one month!

Planned Future Attempts:

1. Albany Farmer’s Market – Wednesday 3-7PM

2. Emeryville Farmer’s Market – Thursday 12-7PM

3. Art Mumur – first Fridays 6-9PM

4. Kensington Farmer’s Market – Sunday 10-2PM

Will I be successful?  I will post an update (and hopefully some pictures) as soon as I have made another attempt!

Update: We went to the Albany’s Farmer’s Market and it was everything I dreamed it to be.  Such delicious sandwiches.  So delicious, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures before scarfing mine down.  I will have to return with camera in hand.  Stay tuned.


One Response to Boffo: The Elusive Food Truck

  1. Rhasaan says:

    You will fail to find me at the emeryville farmers market and the Kensington market, I will always be at the Albany market on Wednesday and bites on broadway, also I can always be found at the art murmur.
    Best, Mr. Boffo

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