Selected List of My Feel Good Pregnancy Milestones

  1. When a doctor told me my cervix was “awesome”.
  2. When I learned to recognize the gleam in strangers’ eyes when their hands are headed for my uterus.
  3. When I developed a preemptive slight turn to avoid strangers touching my uterus, while maintaining an innocent look “Oh sorry, did you randomly want to stroke my body part?  I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”
  4. That my dog has not eaten a single baby toy even though they resemble her own toys.
  5. The one day that I ate 100 grams of protein.
  6. When someone gave me a pregnancy pillow that takes up 3/4 of our bed and my partner embraced it like a new family member.
  7. Every time I meet twin parents, especially ones that appear well-rested and cheerful.
  8. When I met a mom of triplets and was reminded that our budget spreadsheet could have a lot more red on it!
  9. Every time I get ultrasounds and see our crazy little boys having a dance party in my uterus.
  10. When I think about the crazy fun dance parties we’re going to have when our little boys are born.

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