Want Roku? Think again.

Maybe Roku is good for something, but it’s definitely not good for sports and it’s DEFINITELY not good if you need any kind of customer support.

When my partner and I moved in together, we got cable so he could watch sports.  Inevitably, I became addicted to shows I didn’t know existed because I have no self control.  Recently, we decided to get rid of cable to save money and because there are other ways to watch sports for much cheaper than a cable subscription.  Namely, subscribing through the professional leagues (NBA, MLB, etc) online and then connecting your computer to your tv or using a Roku.  We decided to get a Roku so we wouldn’t have to connect our computer to the tv every time we wanted to watch a game.  BIG MISTAKE.

Despite ads on the Roku website for the NBA Game Time channel, the channel doesn’t actually exist yet.  There is a Game Time Lite channel that has many, many streaming problems, but the actual Game Time channel doesn’t exist yet as of today.  To find this out, I have spent hours on support chat, on the phone with Roku representatives, and on the Roku support forum.  The problem appears to be that no one that works for the customer service arm of Roku actually knows anything about the channel development, so they have repeatedly told me that the channel is already available and that my problem must be related to my internet connection or television.  This was directly contradicted by Tom Markworth, Director of Product Management on January 13 when he acknowledged that the NBA Game Time channel doesn’t exist yet and that many people are experiencing problems with Game Time Lite.  Apparently, there are lots of people experiencing similar problems.  Check this and this out.

So, basically, I seriously regret getting a Roku and I can’t believe the company is in business.



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