AI2 Cloth Diaper Reviews

I tried out quite a few shells and inserts before deciding what to stock up on for my twins by buying some samples, borrowing from friends, and doing a custom cloth diaper trial from Itsy Bitsy Bums.

Here are my reviews:  (For basic information about AI2s, see this post.)


SoftbumsSoftBums Echo Shell

  • Material: Lined with microfiber.  Velcro is very wide and easy to use.  Snaps are okay, but a little hard to get the sizing exactly right because the shell material isn’t stretchy.
  • Fit/Sizing: The butt is pretty puffy on smaller babies, especially with the Omni.  SB inserts are too wide for the Echo.  You can make them work, but it takes additional attention and who wants to deal with that?
  • Comments: I like the SB sizing system, which is great if you are CDing from day 1, but it’s not really necessary if you start around 12 pounds, which is when most AI2s will fit.  The Omni has a pocket option, which I don’t use, but is nice to have for daycare.  Some cute designs, but mostly solid colors.

Grovia Product Details

  • Material: Lined with mesh, which I don’t like because it’s not as absorbent as microfiber and also isn’t wipeable.  The shell is water resistant, not waterproof, though I haven’t had any leaking problems.
  • Fit/Sizing: Pretty big on the smallest setting, so not great for teeny babies and the rise isn’t as high as other diapers, so not great for huge babies.  The tabs are really stretchy, which is convenient for fit.
  • Comments: Super cute designs.  Made in China.

Peachy GreenPeachy Green Sproutup OS AI2

  • Material: Lined with microfiber.  Snaps are slightly inconvenient to close because they’re on the side, but that also makes the diaper lay flatter in the front, which I like.
  • Fit/Sizing: Very trim, but kept bunching (see below for picture).
  • Comments: Cute designs.


  • Material: PUL.  Much more substantial feeling than Flip.  Legs have a double gusset, which is great to prevent leaks since the lining doesn’t absorb runoff.
  • Fit/Sizing: Not great for small babies, but are okay starting around 12 pounds.  Not stretchy, so fit isn’t always exact.
  • Comments: These are really simple to use.  You just snap a BB insert into the shell.  Some cute designs, but mostly solid colors with a contrasting colored trim.

FlipFlip Diaper Cover

  • Material: Really cheap feeling PUL.
  • Fit/Sizing: Very stretchy, so adjusting snaps is easy, but huge on small babies even on smallest setting.
  • Comments: I hated these.  I felt like they might rip apart if I pulled too hard.

Gdiapereveryday g's 6-pack

  • Material: Very soft cotton.
  • Fit/Sizing: Super duper trim.
  • Comments: I wish these would work for us because they’re simple and very trim, but I didn’t trust the pod and the cotton shell doesn’t contain potential leaks.  Made in China.


Softbums Bamboo One-Size Organic Bamboo Pods

  • Material: Super soft and very absorbent.  Gets a little bunchy from washing.  I like how the inserts are bigger in the back to contain more poop and allow you to reuse the shell.
  • Fit/Sizing: Very trim.  The front sometimes bunches up when it’s wet because there is only one snap in back.
  • Comments: Great, easy to use bamboo option for SB.

Grovia Organic Cotton GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad

  • Material: Takes a long time to dry.  Backing is nonabsorbent, which helps you avoid touching the wet part of the insert when you’re removing it.  Snaps are weird, so you can’t snap other brands of inserts in.
  • Fit/Sizing: Very long, so it doesn’t fit right until your baby is about 15 pounds.
  • Comments: Organic cotton isn’t very green to produce.

Peachy Green Bamboo Peachy Green Sprout Up All-in-Two Bamboo Insert

  • Material: Very soft.  Dries quickly.
  • Fit/Sizing: Very trim.
  • Comments: Gets a little bunchy in dryer.

Bestbottoms Hemp Hemp

  • Material: Hemp gets fuzzier with washing than other hemp inserts I’ve tried.
  • Fit/Sizing: Very trim.  Inserts come in three sizes, so fit is better, but you might have to buy more.  Medium fits a wide weight range of babies, so you might be able to just buy those.
  • Comments: Inserts are secured with two snaps, which prevents them from moving, but is another snap to unsnap when it’s dirty.

Bestbottoms Microfiber Bestbottom diaper stay dry inserts

  • Material: Trim for microfiber.
  • Fit/Sizing: Very trim.  See above re sizing.
  • Comments: See above re two snaps.

Flip Organic CottonFlip Organic Insert

  • Material: Very soft.
  • Fit/Sizing: Insert is absurdly bulky, especially if you have to fold them in the front for small babies.
  • Comments: I liked these in theory, but hated them in practice.

Sustainablebabyish, Applecheeks AppleCheeks One-size Rayon from Bamboo Insert

  • Material: Both were very soft and absorbent.
  • Fit/Sizing:  Bulky.
  • Comments: These cost as much as fitted inserts, so they’re not worth it to me.

Thirsties Hemp Prefold Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold, White

  • Material: Very soft.
  • Fit/Sizing: Bulky
  • Comments: See above re cost.

Joey Bunz Premium

  • Material: Very soft, fast drying.  I wish they had snaps, but they’re easy to lay in any brand of shell.Premium JoeyBunz (Medium)
  • Fit/Sizing: Very trim.  Inserts come in three sizes, so fit is better, but you might have to buy more.  Medium fits a wide weight range of babies, so you might be able to just buy those.
  • Comments: Good for layering overnight.

Blueberry BambooOne Size Bamboo Inserts - 3 PACK

  • Material: Very soft and absorbent.  Dries quickly.
  • Fit/Sizing:  The insert was too long for my 13 pound babies and had to be folded over in front, which is super bulky.  Would probably be fine for bigger babies.
  • Comments: I ordered the Blueberry Bamboo Extra Diaper Insert 3 pack on Amazon twice, which is supposed to come with “3 small and 3 long inserts”, but I only got the long ones both times.  Maybe the small ones would be a better fit.

What I Ended Up Buying 

I almost bought an entire stash of Peachy Greens, but after about a week, I kept having bunching problems.  They have great customer service, but they weren’t able to help me identify our problem.  Maybe my boys are just oddly shaped.

For our twin boys, I bought:

  • 5 Softbums shells (velcro and snaps)
  • 4 Grovia shells (all snaps)
  • 3 Bestbottoms shells (all snaps)
  • 12 Joey Bunz Premium Hemp inserts
  • 9 Bestbottoms Hemp inserts

I also bought 8 Swaddlebees AIOs.  I didn’t do a lot of comparison with AIOs.  I just bought a bunch of these to ease my partner into CDing and because the prints were too cute to resist.  What I like about these is that they’re lined with organic cotton, but you can also have microfiber against your baby’s skin, which is a good option at night.  You can also add inserts and they just agitate out in the wash because it has pocket openings on both ends.

This stash (12 shells, 21 inserts, 8 AIOs) lasts 2-3 days for two babies.  I think once our babies start eating solids and have less runny poop, it will last even longer.  We also bought 12 Grovia Organic Cotton Inserts and a 3 pack of Blueberry Bamboo Inserts, but we don’t use them right now because they are too long.  I’m hoping that when we get them in the mix, our stash will last us another day or two.  If we need more inserts, I’ll probably buy Softbums bamboo ones.  The only reason I didn’t get any originally is because they weren’t available on Amazon and we had an Amazon giftcard, so for now, we use Joey Bunz in our Softbums shells.

What a Deal!

We spent about $500 retail (we didn’t actually spend that much because we had some coupons and giftcards) on everything and had been spending about $80/month on disposables, so after about 6 months of using cloth diapers, we’ll break even.  That isn’t even factoring in that most CDed babies are potty trained faster, not to mention that we have had no up-the-back poop explosions with our cloth diapers.  The absence of those is priceless!


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