Alcohol and Breastfeeding

I’m no boozhound, but after not drinking for my entire pregnancy (because of paranoia) or the first 3 months of breastfeeding (because of liver development), a girl wants a beer … especially on those nights when bedtime involves sad, pouty baby faces and/or sad, crying babies.  Since there are so many opinions on what’s allowable, I was nervous.  On the one hand, I watched a friend’s wife drink several glasses of wine while nursing her baby.  I’m admittedly too tiger mom for that.  On the other hand, sometimes I want a beer.  This posting helped me make peace with drinking – reasonable guidelines backed up by research.


  • 1 drink at a time.
  • Don’t nurse if you feel drunk.
  • Try to wait at least an hour after drinking to nurse, but as long as you feel okay, you’re fine to nurse.

Now, head on over to happy hour!


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