To Lose or Not To Lose – Baby Belly

While I was pregnant, I firmly believed that all my pregnancy weight would vanish when I started nursing and I would be able to put away my maternity clothes.  Within 3 or 4 months of giving birth, I was within 5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, but since my stomach muscles had stretched to accommodate my enormous uterus, I still look a few months pregnant now, almost 8 months after giving birth.   I’ll admit that I haven’t done a whole lot to tighten up my stomach muscles and I’ve continued eating whatever I want because I don’t want to negatively impact my milk production by dieting, but what I really want to know is whether I need to replace my wardrobe!

I am surprisingly okay with being a little rounder than before (surprising to myself – I’m not implying that it’s not okay for people to be rounder!), but a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit quite right anymore.  So, is it time to embrace my mom body, donate most of my clothes, and go on a shopping spree?  I haven’t decided yet, but two friends gave me something to think about that I want to share.  One told me that she embraces her belly because it was the home to two of her favorite people in the world and another one sent me this article, which made me cry empathetic, sing-it-sister tears.  While I would love to be skinny again without doing any crunches, I also love the idea that it’s healthy for us to accept our new bodies and say f* you to all the people who are silently (or not so silently) wondering when we are going to lose our pregnancy weight.



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