Random Mom-Related Ruminations

  • I find myself referring to myself in the 3rd person (“Mommy loves you.”  “Smile at mama.”  “Do you want mama to read you a book?) and have realized that lots of moms do this.  My mom also refers to herself in the 3rd person when talking to my kids.  Why don’t people find this as weird as when other people refer to themselves in the 3rd person?  Why don’t dads or granddads do this?
  • Will there ever be a movement to dreamfeed adults?  Wouldn’t it be nice if when I was half asleep, my partner just started feeding me delicious food?  (… as long as he brushed my teeth afterwards of course!)
  • There is so much controversy about co-sleeping.  Before I gave birth, I knew that I wouldn’t co-sleep because I thought I would roll over and squash my babies.  When, however, my twins were just a few months old, I often found myself waking up with a baby next to me after falling asleep while nursing.  Now I love co-sleeping and get sad when my babies want their own space in our bed instead of letting me cozy up next to them.  I know, I know, it’s just the beginning of them exerting their independence!
  • The arbitrariness of high stakes decisionmaking – I was completely paralyzed while researching strollers (hours and hours reading reviews, making pro/con lists), but after reading one book about babyled weaning, decided to feed my babies whatever they wanted and ignored the traditional 4 day rule.  Report: babies are fine (quite chubby actually), no allergies noted yet.
  • We’re getting a minivan.  It’s taken me over a year to decide that this is the best thing for us and that I am okay with it.  I have gone from being depressed about it to kind of excited about it and that makes me wonder why I was depressed about it in the first place when it objectively is the best choice for my family.  I also find myself having to defend my decision to minivan haters.  Why is there such a negative stigma about minivans?  They’re pretty ugly, I’ll give you that, but the most common alternative, a full size SUV, is ugly too.  (Not to mention that I have to climb into SUVs because I’m short, they have less space, and they don’t have sliding doors.)  So, what is the problem with driving a “mom car”?  I am a mom and it will be my (well, our) car.  Why isn’t it called a family car?  Maybe people could embrace the minivan more if we could divorce it from it’s sexist connotations and just view it as a spacious car with a lot of seating.
  • I avoid BPA in any product for our kids, which is easy now that all kid related products are labeled BPA-free, but since my babies now put everything in their mouths, I’ve started wondering if there is BPA in my hair elastic, hair, nail file,  socks, wooden spoon, cardboard box, board book, our dining table, yogurt container, etc, etc.  What will I think of to worry about next?

Note to me and moms like me: Babies are tough.  Moms are the good kind of crazy.  Do what’s best for your family and try not to get wrapped up in what everyone else thinks.


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