It’s the Little Things – Front Door Refresh

A few weeks ago, I painted the inside and outside of our front door, which hasn’t been painted since 2005.  It made a HUGE difference and cost less than $35 (and that’s with a visit to the locksmith after I dropped the lock and couldn’t figure out how to get it back in)!  I didn’t even have to take the door down.

I picked Benjamin Moore Rapture for the outside and Benjamin Moore Gull Wing Gray for the inside.



I hadn’t actually been planning on painting the inside, but once I had the lock off, I figured I might as well.  Good thing I hoard paint samples in our hall storage closet!

It took a day, maybe three hours of actual painting and removing the lock, but I had to wait for the coats to dry and I didn’t want to leave the house with the lock out.  The outside took four coats of paint and the inside took two.  I didn’t prime either side of the door, but if I had primed the outside, it probably wouldn’t have taken four coats.  It still took less than 1 pint of paint with four coats!  The inside only took two coats because I was going from a cream color (or dirty white?) to gray.  I used an angled brush for the nooks and crannies and a dense foam roller to make sure there were no brush lines.

Check it out:


2101 Sacramento 031




I think it looks fantastic, but the unintended consequence is that I think it is now more obvious than ever that we need to paint the outside of our house!  That is on the to do list for next spring.

I forgot to take pictures while I was painting the outside, but did manage to get some in progress shots of the inside.

(1 coat)

2013-08-31 15.46.09  2013-08-31 16.27.25

(2 coats)

2013-08-31 21.45.24

I also spraypainted the hardware, which was a beaten down brass color.






$0 (I had a coupon, normally $5) Benjamin Moore Arborcoat sample pint in Rapture – that’s all I needed for 4 coats

$2.50 (on sale, normally $5) Benjamin Moore paint sample in Gull Wing Gray

$7 Rustoleum Universal paint and primer in one – Oil Rubbed Bronze (I’ve used this for many projects besides this one.)

$25 Locksmith help to reinstall the handle part of the lock (the deadbolt was easy and I’m pretty confident that if it was just a regular knob lock, I could have done it on my own.  It also didn’t help that I dropped the handle and parts came out.  Youtube, shockingly, didn’t have the answers on that one!)

Now go forth and find a project for this weekend!


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