DIY Shark Costume

As a parent of two toddlers, preparing for Halloween naturally revolved around making their costumes (see post here), but I needed something simple and comfortable to wear too!  I whipped up this inexpensive shark hoodie for about $15 (for the hoodie and felt) in a few hours (while watching lots of Scandal episodes on Netflix).

It’s really straightforward, so I don’t have step by step directions, but here are some tips/pics:

  • Cut the two sides of the chest together so they’re symmetrical.
  • Pin the white chest part on your hoodie and then try it on.  When I first did this, it looked great on the floor, but when I tried it on, the white was much too wide.  (I included both pictures below for you to see.)

2013-10-03 12.19.04 2013-10-03 12.33.31

  • Cut the teeth all at once so you can sew them to the hoodie all at once.

2013-10-03 12.33.462013-10-03 12.45.09

  • Cut your fin shape on a piece of paper and use a rotary cutter to trace it.  If I had to do this again, I’d use stiff interfacing like Pellon Peltex so the fin would stand up straight, but I forgot to buy any and wanted to get this done (aka wanted an excuse to keep watching Scandal.)

2013-10-03 12.33.58

That’s it!


(The 2nd picture looks weird, but it’s just so you can see the fin.)

Live and learn tip:  I saw a picture of this Old Navy hoodie (apparently my idea was not very original) and really like the red.  Even though my shark has a happy vibe, I dig this.  Next time …


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