Mirror Transformation

This is a super simple project and underscores why I love Craigslist so much.

I got a mirror for free from Craigslist.  I loved the intricate wood frame, but didn’t really need a mirror, so I removed it and made it a frame to showcase my kids’ beautiful toddler art.

Here’s a picture of it after I took the mirror out.

2013-12-08 16.36.23

The paint was flaking off, so I used a sander to sand the flat edges (sides and back) and lightly sanded the details in the front.  I started hand sanding between the details, but it was going to take forever, so I decided to take my chances with that.

2013-12-08 16.36.27

2013-12-09 14.12.57

2013-12-09 14.13.12

I used spray paint with primer in it and sprayed lightly many times.  It took a lot of coats because I had to get into all those nooks and crannies.  I sprayed the front, let it dry, sprayed some more, let it dry, sprayed the back, let it dry, etc, etc.

Then, voila!  I hung it above our fireplace mantle.  Please excuse the other project detritus.



If you want to display multiple small pictures or drawings, you could do something like this:

frame 2

Now go check your local Craigslist for some free finds you can makeover.


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