Is Amazon Going Downhill?

I love(d) Amazon.  I use(d) it to buy almost everything, but in the last few months, I’ve noticed that things seem to be going awry.  Here’s a list:

1. I ordered two bike seats.  They arrived.  A few days later, another one arrived.  Being an honest person, I told Amazon they sent me an extra $160 bike seat.  They wanted me to pay for return shipping.  I had to explain myself multiple times that I just wanted to send back the extra one I hadn’t paid for.  They finally allowed me to return it!

2. My brother ordered some toy cars for my kids.  They arrived, but were broken.  He returned them and asked for replacements.  Amazon sent two sets of replacements.

3. My partner ordered pants.  They were not delivered on time.  Then two pairs arrived.  He returned the extra pair.  Amazon thanked him for being honest.  Why didn’t they thank me for being honest and instead tried to charge me for return shipping of the bike seat?!

4. I ordered vitamins.  They did not arrive.  Amazon refunded me and told me to reorder.  I did.  The item was delayed.  I decided to just go to a store and buy them.  Amazon told me they would not deliver the item and I wouldn’t be charged.  The vitamins arrived (this was almost a month after my initial order).  I was too tired to do anything.  I got free vitamins and feel a little guilty about it, but not guilty enough to deal with Amazon customer service again.

5. I ordered a potty seat that didn’t fit.  I picked UPS pick up as my return option.  UPS never came.

It seems like the main problem here is twofold – Amazon makes a lot of mistakes and when they are made aware of them, they overcompensate to fix the issue in ways that seem totally contrary to making  a profit and in aggregate are actually really annoying for honest customers who don’t want more than they paid for.  Since UPS drop off isn’t convenient for me, returning things to Amazon is a pain.  I don’t know why Amazon keeps making mistakes, but I’ve only noticed it in the last few months and I find myself reluctant to order things from Amazon now.  I wonder if I’m the only one.


7 Responses to Is Amazon Going Downhill?

  1. Margot says:

    They also increased the cost of the minimum order for free shipping to $35, raised the price of a Prime membership, added sales tax in many states (mine included) and today, cancelled 5 of my orders with a canned email message basically saying “oops, we goofed, you’re SOL” because they made a mistake with their pricing. I emailed them asking what happened to their once great company and got another canned response from an offshore representative with no attempt to make good on their mistake. I think this is a company which is currently trading upon its past glories and people are going to get wise to it before long. Amazon was my go-to site for just about everything but I’ve noticed more and more items are being sold by third parties and not by Amazon and customer service seems to be getting increasingly sketchy too. Sad.

  2. […] latest frustrating experience (see this post for others) with Amazon was trying to order stay dry carseat pads for my potty-training-in-progress […]

  3. Moe Lips says:

    tThe market place that is connected to Amazon is awesome. It should just get turned into a market place website.

    Amazon on the other hand treats its workers like prisoners in a warehouse that looks like a futuristic maximum security prison (like Escape Plan) as well as turning the customer experience to a miserable condition. Prime 2-day shipping isn’t getting delivered on time anymore, rare and hard to find stuff either get cancelled on me or show up damaged, and they have the nerve to raise the price on Prime membership and add sales tax on top of that. Thrift stores are coming back to my area, and Ebay is making purchases easier by providing a pay as guest option. Don’t buy anything straight out of Amazon’s warehouse even without Prime they’re not making their delivery windows and that’s what’s frustrating me the most. Amazon has become like Walmart, they are not a good company to work for.

  4. Dj says:

    At least you got your stuff. I splurged on a $200 bed set it’s been 2 years still have not got it. I have called Custer service 1 a month for about 18 month they refuse to do anything and asked that I stop calling. Never Again is all I can say

  5. alysia says:

    I used to shop just the stuff that has no delivery fee which is kind of a pain as there is many items that are not free ship that I must just skip over. then they raised the cost from $25 to $35. so ok. fine. then they started the tax thing, so I still hung on. the latest fiasco is I ordered something Feb 12 and I track it 10 days later and get the news it’s not expected till March 22. when you order from them you have no idea how long it will take, or where it’s coming from but a 6 weeks is way to long to wait for cat litter. so I canceled. there was no problem as they don’t take out money until they ship it. and I’m sorry Amazon, I am on a very limited budget and cannot afford to pay for this prime business. my daughter has prime and even then when she sends me a gift, it has not arrived once or twice. Once Amazon refunded me the entire cost of some items, when only one item was missing. and I had explained I didn’t need the entire credit, but they don’t read the customer communications. they are too big, it’s a machine. you can’t talk to a machine.

  6. Harry Schultze says:

    I totally agree with every single one of these comments. It’s now 2016 June and my experiences with Amazon have gone steadily down the toilet over the past year. Customer service Now sucks. They offer you no compensation for horrific experiences and instead give you trivial apologies. They are totally missing their shipping windows to the point that it’s ridiculous.

  7. Marie Terese Lamoureux says:

    You are not the only one. When I complained to Amazon about not being notified that my Prime Membership would be renewed (they have always given me a three day heads up in the past) they cancelled my Prime Membership without my authorization. And then, when I called to complain about that, I was told “there was nothing they could do”. I have had many items take longer than the “guaranteed two-days” and some have not been packaged properly. Amazon Customer Service is not what it used to be.

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