DIY Blackout Curtains

Before you read any further, I must disclaim that there is very little DIYing involved here, but since blackout curtains seem to be necessary for kid rooms and they’re usually ugly, expensive or both, I thought I’d share my discovery – you can buy blackout fabric and it’s not that expensive!!!

I got a little bit less than 4 yards of blackout fabric ($6.99/yard discounted to $4.20/yard with a 40% off coupon), which is not actually black.  The blackout material came in various shades of white/cream/ivory.  It’s 54″ wide.  The beauty of this fabric is that it doesn’t fray, so you can just cut it – no hemming involved!

I used these curtain rings from Ikea ($3) and a double curtain rod that I already had.  So, you see the cute dragon curtains (also from Ikea here), but have the blackout ones behind that you can pull in place when needed, but push aside when you want light in the room.  Easy peasy.

So for about $20, I have a blackout option, a dragon option that still lets in light, or a totally open option so you can see outside.  If you wanted to just have one set of curtains instead of using the double curtain rod, you could just clip them using the same Ikea curtain rings or if you’re feeling ambitious, sew or use no hem tape to attach the blackout material to the curtains, but I like the flexibility of separate curtains.  curtains blackout curtains closed curtains open



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