DIY Toddler Backpacks

I made backpacks for C&R!  It was the first thing I ever made with a pattern and it was shockingly easy.  Patterns are great!  I used this Made by Rae pattern and followed the directions almost exactly.

Since she sells her patterns, I won’t do a step by step here, but it really was very simple (other than the brief sewing machine torture I endured and wrote about here).



(And here are two not great photos of the lining – I couldn’t figure out how to photograph them unscrunchy.  Sorry!)

20140616_211629  20140616_211648

Two tips:

1. If you’re doing an applique, do it before you assemble the backpack.  I didn’t do that because I didn’t think about it beforehand and it was a pain in the butt.

2. When/if you sew the lining, measure your actual zipper area – don’t just follow the pattern.  For whatever reason, mine turned out a bit shorter than in the pattern, so I had to add a couple pieces of fabric after the fact to the lining to cover up the zipper area.  It’s barely noticeable, but save yourself the hassle.

Next time

I would add pockets with elastic on each side and also at least one on the inside.  I don’t think it would be hard to do, I just forgot to do it and didn’t want to disassemble the backpacks just to add the pockets.  Instead, I’m going to make a few small pouches for snacks, art supplies, etc for our upcoming trip.  I’ll post about those soon.


Even though I’d make some changes, I think these turned out pretty great for a first attempt and my boys seem to love them, especially R!




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