Splurging for Mental Sanity

I hate paying more for something than I have to.  I guess you could call it cheap or frugal, but that’s not exactly right.  If I think I need something that is expensive, I will buy it as long as there is no workable, less expensive substitute, but I am definitely not one to get a Mercedes when a Honda will do.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been using/cursing/struggling with an entry level sewing machine.  I break it out once or twice a year and my projects often involve some machine-generated frustration.  Since I don’t really know much about sewing, I never know if it’s my technique or the machine that is to blame and since I sew so infrequently, it hardly seems worth it to get a really fancy one.  I am generally able to struggle through and finish my projects, so I never truly considered investing 3xs as much on a better one until last week.

I’ve been sewing backpacks for my toddlers and decided to sew an applique on the front of each one.  Sewing the backpacks actually went amazingly well, but when it came time to applique, I almost lost my mind.  I mean, really, really, almost just started the backpacks all over without the applique.  I was ready to post on Craigslist for someone I could pay to finish the appliques.  Then, upon the kind, supportive suggestion of a friend, I got a new sewing machine and I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was to turn that sucker on and have it just work.  I still am no expert sewer, but this thing is so empowering that I am pretty sure I will use it more often.  I feel ready to tackle any project now and know that I will not spend 50% of my project time googling youtube videos for why my stitches are bunchy or backwards.

I have found sewing machine peace.


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