DIY Christmas Stockings

stockings 2

Sorry for the long absence, but I had a baby!

I am not going to post pictures of my process because this tutorial from Sew Like My Mom (what a great blog name!) does a really good job of that.  I tried to wing it on my own before finding that tutorial and had a few fails where my stocking was sewed together or there were two stockings like conjoined twins.  Do exactly as she says and it will turn out great.  Don’t think or ask questions – I didn’t understand the ribbon placement at first, just went with it, and it turned out perfectly.

Since the tutorial didn’t have measurements, the ones I used to have a final stocking that was 6″ at the top, 9″ at its widest point, and 16″ long were:

  • 2 – 10″x17″ outer fabric
  • 2 – 10×17″ inner fabric
  • 2 – 7″x8.5″ cuff fabric (or you can use 4 – 7″x4.5″ that you hem together)

The only tips I have to add are:

  1. Make a pattern of your stocking on paper.  Then trace around it adding 1/2″.  Then use that piece of fabric as your template to cut the rest of your pieces.  I found this easier than making a template that accounted for the 1/2″.
  2. Definitely use a bigger hem for the lining like she suggests.  It makes it really easy to fit the lining into the stocking later.
  3. Don’t leave your opening at the toe.  It’s much easier to leave your opening in an area that is straight so when you flip it right side out and sew it, it’s just a straight line instead of around a curve.  I left my opening just above the heel.
  4. After you turn the stocking right side out, iron it.  It’ll make it much easier when you are fitting the lining in.
  5. If you are trying to use up scrap fabric for the cuff, you can use four pieces that are 7″x4.5″ each.  Sew two together for each side.
  6. If you are sewing in trim to hang under the cuff, you need to use four pieces to make the cuff instead of two (see #5).  Sew the trim in between the two pieces, BUT see #7.
  7. It’s much easier to use a glue gun to attach pom pom trim after you’re done sewing than to sew the trim in.
  8. If you want to add initials or names, adhesive felt is great.  Print your names on paper, then trace them with scissors or a exacto, and stick on your stockings.

Have fun!



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