More From My Blog Hiatus – Spice Jars

I did a lot of organizing during my maternity leave since I only had one baby 😛 this time.  I installed laundry shelving the week after I gave birth, considered installing moulding, but instead turned to my disaster of a spice cabinet.  I buy most of my spices in bulk in small amounts so they stay fresh.  So, I wanted small jars – 2-3 ounces each.  I read that opaque ones are better for preserving your spices, but since mine are in a dark cabinet, I thought glass would be fine.

I like the oval ones from Crate and Barrel because they use space efficiently, but they were only available online.  I didn’t like the frosted label part of the Ikea Droppar ones, though now in retrospect I kind of like them.  I ended up ordering these from Cost Plus World Market because I had free shipping and liked the pop of color.  I also picked up a couple turntables at the Crate and Barrel store (Copco brand – they aren’t on the website anymore, but are available on Amazon) so I could get to all the spices, something that was very challenging before.  I originally used paper labels, which was fine, but then I got this sweet label maker.  It’s not the highest quality machine – I had to get a replacement after it stopped cutting properly, but I love the retro look.  The click sound is very satisfying.  There are still some spices and seasonings that are just too big for spice jars (hello Costco), but overall, it’s a vast improvement.

20150529_204549 - Copy 20150529_204622 - Copy

spice jars 20150529_231819 - Copy


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