Yummy Things: Portland, OR

March 14, 2011

Visiting Portland?  Check out my:

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Screen Door – Worth the Wait

December 18, 2010

We arrived at Screen Door in Portland this  morning with no reservation and not much time to eat, so my heart dropped when I found out the wait was almost 90 minutes.  We ended up ordering to go and then eating on the outdoor patio even though it was freezing, but it was SO worth it and in the future, I definitely would wait for 90 minutes to eat here.

My favorite part was their make your own breakfast, which was perfect for my FOMA.  I ordered a biscuit, veggie sausage, veggie gravy, grits, and fruit salad.  One of my friends ordered a pimento cheese and bacon sandwich and the other made his own breakfast too.  We also shared winter squash and ricotta beignets tossed in cinnamon sugar with powdered sugar, which was a special.  I will detail the magic that was my breakfast:

  • biscuit: perfectly flaky, buttery, but not greasy – must order
  • veggie sausage: above average – not a must order
  • veggie gravy: BEST I’ve ever had, it was mushroom, which most veggie gravy is and had just the right amount of pepper.  It came in a gigantic tub, which I thought was excessive, but what do you know, I finished it all and wanted more! – must order

  • grits: pretty good, creamy, but still light and flavorful – not a must order
  • fruit salad: very good, grapes, pears, grapefruit, and pomegranate, not a must order, but definitely a good addition to what was otherwise a pretty heavy meal
  • beignets: very good, not too sweet or greasy, reminiscent of hush puppies – almost a must order, but not quite

I would love to make it back to Screen Door for dinner some time.  This is a must visit place in Portland.